Our cuisine

Our cuisine

Baborówko is famous for its traditional Polish cuisine. The dishes are prepared on-site, using fresh and natural products from our own crops or from local farmers. We grow our vegetables, fruit and herbs ecologically in the garden near the Palace.

We specialise in products processed from fruits and vegetables, that complement and enrich every meal. Our traditional soups, such as sour rye soup, borscht, cucumber soup, barley soup, onion soup or mushroom soup are also popular among our guests. Other dishes include beef collops with groats, different kinds of pierogi (dumplings), pastas, roasts and delicious cakes, stewed fruits or desserts.

Every event or meeting organised in Baborówko is unique, that is why we prepare the menu based on our clients’ individual needs and requests. We cook our meals with seasonal, locally grown products and processed fruit and vegetables that we prepare during the summer.

We do not run a restaurant at the Palace, and every meal is prepared on individual order.

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